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Lake Quinault Lodge Rain Forest Tours

Join us for the only tour of its kind anywhere on the Olympic Peninsula!

Our 4-hour $30.00 comprehensive tour of the lush Quinault Rain Forest takes place in our comfortable tour shuttle where your certified interpretive guide will explain the history of the area, including the Quinault Indian Nation, the early expeditions that revealed Lake Quinault and the flora and fauna native to the rain forest. This unique tour takes you to the best photo points and you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the rain forest on selected short walks.

All 3 temperate rain forests in the contiguous United States are located in the Western Valleys of the Olympic Peninsula and this 30 mile journey will take you deep into Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park to experience this pristine ecosystem first hand. Rain soaked mosses adorn big leaf maples and towering Sitka spruce while waterfalls cascade into crystal clear pools. You will also have the opportunity to see some world record trees in this Valley of the Giants.

This is truly an experience that cannot be missed and one that is exclusive to the Quinault Valley. So grab your camera and let's go!

Make your reservations at the front desk of Lake Quinault Lodge or call 360-288-2900.


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